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  1. A donor has mistakingly given to the wrong trip or team member. How can I move or reassign the donation tot he correct trip or team member?

  2. Are donations tax deductible?

  3. Are donations tax-deductible?

  4. Are online donations available for immediate withdrawal?

  5. Are online funds available for immediate withdrawal?

  6. Are team member online applications customizable for each trip?

  7. Are there any feature limitations while using the 30-day free trial?

  8. Can a person who is not a team member see the Welcome Page?

  9. Can a project have more than one Administrator?

  10. Can Administrators and Assistants edit Team Member profiles?

  11. Can and Administrator re-assign ownership of an account to another person?

  12. Can I add custom forms to the application process

  13. Can I change my Trip Name or Dates ?

  14. Can I copy or re-use an online team member application form I've already built and use it for a new trip?

  15. Can I edit the email address associated with my account.

  16. Can I record check or cash donations? And if so, will a team members funding status be updated or does the "thermometer" only record online gifts?

  17. Can I send instant text messages to my team, and can they respond?

  18. Can MissionMinder be used by groups outside the United States?

  19. Can team members sign documents online

  20. Can team members use MissionMinder to raise their own support?

  21. Can two or more people share the same fundraising page? For example, can I raise funds together with my spouse of children using the online fundraising pages?

  22. Can we disable the group fundraising link or team fundraising pages when no longer using it?

  23. Can we raise funds for the whole group, versus individuals only?

  24. Can we set up electronic signing on Mission Minder?

  25. Changes to the status of a to-do item are not saving when I navigate back to the "My Team" page profiles.

  26. Do I need to buy and install any software?

  27. Do you offer online training or training videos?

  28. Do you offer training classes or materials on how to use MissionMinder?

  29. Does everyone on the team have to have the same fundraising or support goal, or can this bet set individually?

  30. Does MissionMinder interface or have a plug-in (or API) to work with church management systems like Fellowship One or ACS?

  31. Does you have a mobile app? How can I access my data while on the field?

  32. Donors are getting an error when they try to donate. We have wepay set up with our bank and everything has been verified. What might be the issue?

  33. How are online donations processed?

  34. How can I add or refer to attachments?

  35. How can I change my email address?

  36. How can I copy an existing online application form to a new trip

  37. How can I create a hyperlink or hot link on a page?

  38. How can I create online forms

  39. How can I get or print a copy of the tax receipt for my online donation?

  40. How can I send a thank you note to an anonymous donor?

  41. How can I take a donation from outside the US

  42. How do I access funds raised online?

  43. How do I activate online fundraising?

  44. How do I add children to the team that do not have an email address? Can they share their parent's email address or login?

  45. How do I add or create a new trip?

  46. How do I cancel my account

  47. How do I deactivate my account?

  48. How do I edit my funding goal (support raising goal)?

  49. How do I know how much money each team member has raised? Can I keep their funds separate?

  50. How do I pay for my own trip on the MissionMinder website?

  51. How do I set or change my fundraising or support goal amount?

  52. How many members can I add to a project?

  53. How much does it cost to use MissionMinder?

  54. How to create background check forms

  55. I added some people to a team, but they never received a confirmation/welcome email. What should I do?

  56. I already set-up my WePay account (name, social security number, and linked my organization's bank account) for one trip. Do I have to do it again for any new trips?

  57. I am going on a new trip, but when I log in to MissionMinder, all I see is information and team members from my first trip.

  58. I am having trouble formatting the Welcome Page text to look right, especially when I paste in new text. Any advice?

  59. I am having trouble logging into WePay. How do I reset my WePay account password?

  60. I am trying to go to WePay to withdraw funds, but nothing is happening.

  61. I can't access my trial account?

  62. I can't login or forgot my username and password. How do I reset my password?

  63. I cannot see the menu bar or login (sign in) button.

  64. I filled out an application but never received a confirmation email saying my account was created.

  65. I get an email each time WePay is sending us funds, but I can't tell what project or team member it is for. How do I find out those details?

  66. I have many attachments that a potential team member needs to read

  67. I have some family members who submitted trip applications using the same (shared) email address. How do I add them them all to the team without over-writing anyone's profile?

  68. I have someone helping with the project, but not going on the trip or traveling with the team. Can I mark them so they show up different in reports and team pages?

  69. I made a donation using bank draft, got a confirmation email, but my account was never charged and the gift is not showing up on the missionaries fundraising page. What is happening?

  70. I need to change the credit card we have on file for the monthly cost. How do I do that?

  71. I need to post some website links for my team to go to. Where can I do that?

  72. I received (or entered) some gifts, but my support thermometer is still at zero and shows no progress.

  73. I want someone to assist with inputting contributions and editing the team information, but they will not be going with the team on the trip. What is the best way to add them and set them up?

  74. I want to let one or more other people help set-up and/or manage our team website. How do I do that?

  75. If I used MissionMinder for our upcoming mission trip, but then cancelled because we wouldn't need the service for several months afterwards, what would happen to the data? Am I able to re-activate the account at a later date or would I need to start from scratch again?

  76. If my trial account has expired, is my information deleted?

  77. In order for someone to receive online donations do they have to setup a fundraising page, or is there a general donation page?

  78. Is information in My Profile private, or can other team members read it?

  79. Is it normal that I have to confirm our account through WePay for each trip?

  80. Is it possible to change our EIN number inside WePay at some future point? (We are in the process of applying for our own EIN# as a 501c3 organization, and currently only have our DBA EIN#).

  81. Is it possible to delete a trip?

  82. Is it possible to save the donation information on our site for an unlimited amount of time or does it expire at some point?

  83. Is MissionMinder secure?

  84. Is MissionMinder secure? Is my data backed up? Can I make a backup copy?

  85. Is there a limit to space or how many files I can save in my project file folders?

  86. Is there a limit to the number of files I can store on my MissionMinder account?

  87. Is there a limit to the number of questions and fields you can add to the custom online application?

  88. Is there a way I can delete an application? I have deleted them as team members, but their application is still there.

  89. Is there a way to archive a member off of a team without deleting them?

  90. Is there a way to donate online using a check?

  91. Is there a way to resend an email invitation for someone to join Mission Minder? I have a person saying they didn't get it when I assigned them to a team...

  92. Is there a way to send a thank you note to a donor?

  93. It appears our mission minder account has expired. What do we need to do to activate it? Do we just need one account for our church or does every person need an account?

  94. My profile picture is upside down or sideways. How can I fix it?

  95. Nothing happens when I click the Dashboard or Change Trip links at the top of the page.

  96. One team member entered a wrong email account. How can I correct it?

  97. The box where I want edit the Welcome Page text is too small to see what I'm doing. Can it be made bigger?

  98. Trying to make a donation and get an error message

  99. Two or more people (family members) are trying to use the same email address to apply for a trip. When I approve the second one, it overwrites the first one. How do I handle this situation?

  100. We need to set things up so that the MissionMinder account Administrator (owner) and the WePay account Administrator (owner) are two different people. How do we do that?

  101. What about check and cash donations? Can MissionMinder track those?

  102. What does Mission Minder Cost?

  103. What happens to funds raised online if I delete or cancel my trip account?

  104. What happens to funds raised online if we cancel our mission trip or delete our project account?

  105. What happens when my free trial is over

  106. What has happened to the Prayer Team page?

  107. What if a team member decides to not go on the trip, but has already started raising money?

  108. What if a team member has already started raising funds, but decides to not go on the mission trip?

  109. When I export my donation details, some gift amounts are listed as 0. What is this about?

  110. Who is responsible for issuing a tax-deductible receipt to the donor?

  111. Why am I getting two (2) notices every time a trip application is submitted?

  112. Why does WePay need my Social Security number?

  113. Why have some of my online donations cleared, and other have not?

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