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I want someone to assist with inputting contributions and editing the team information, but they will not be going with the team on the trip. What is the best way to add them and set them up?

MissionMinder is specifically designed to allow this. Just follow these steps:

1) Manually add them using the ñAdd Memberî button near the bottom of the My Team Page.

(Or, if this person is already a member or assistant on another trip you are managing using MissionMinder, you can copy their profile from the pre-existing trip to this new trip by clicking "Copy this member to a new trip" next to their profile picture on the My Team Page)

2) Go to the My Team page, expand their profile, and click ñGive This Member Assistant Access Privileges.î (more info

3) Then, on their expanded full profile, if you check the box ñThis person needs account access, but is not going gone this trip.î it will help differentiate them for your ñtravelingî team on all youre pages and reports.

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