I get an email each time WePay is sending us funds, but I can't tell what project or team member it is for. How do I find out those details?

The email from WePay will tell you the total transfer amount and date, but not much more information.

To access and see the details/contents of a transfer:
  1. Login to your WePay account
  2. Select a trip, or browse through your active trips
  3. Look over on the right hand side for a line that says "PREVIOUS TRANSFERS" and click "View all"
  4. You can now download full details for any incoming transfers, including donor name and designated team members.
Note 1: Transfers from WePay will be separated by trip if you are running multiple trips.

Note 2: The downloaded transfer report from WePay will not show donor addresses, but you can access donor addresses inside MissionMinder using the "Export All Donor Data" report on the Admin page.

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