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How do I add or create a new trip?

Short answer: If you are and Administrator, go to the Admin Page and click "Start New Trip." 

You can add unlimited trips and teams to your MissionMinder account. It does not cost anything extra to add new trips and teams, and you never need to archive or delete you old trips. They will always be available for you to access and reference.

To start a new trip, go to the bottom of the Admin page and look for the start new trip button. Please note this feature is available only for Administrators, Assistants cannot create new trips without signing up for a new, paid MissionMinder account, - something your organization would rarely need or want to do. Only Administrators can start new trips under the same MissionMinder account.

When you click the start new trip button, a new form will launch. The system will fill in your name, then click continue. Enter your new mission trip name and start date. Then agree to the terms noted in the checkbox, and click next.

Your new trip has been created and added to your MissionMinder account, but you will need to log back in to see it. When you log back in, your will automatically be directed to the Change Trip page. Select your new trip from the pull-down list, click the select this trip button, and you will be taken to your new tripÍs My Team page.

At this point you will probably want to do three additional things:

  1. First, go ahead to the Team $ page and activate online fundraising for this trip Please refer to our training video on ñActivating Online Fundraisingî for more information.
  2. Second, if an Assistant will be helping you build and manage this trip page, go ahead and add them now. You can manually add them by clicking the Add Members button on the My Team page, or by copying their profile from an existing trip to the new trip. To do that, change to the old trip, open their profile, and click ñCopy this Profile to Another Trip,î select the new trip, and click copy.
  3. Third, whichever method you use, you will still need change their access level from a regular Team Member to an Assistant. To do that, go to the new My Team page, click on their name, and click the link that says ñGive This Member Assistant Access Privilegesî

To move any Assistant back to regular Team Member status, click the link again. In both cases, they will get an automatic email informing them of these changes to their account.

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