I made a donation using bank draft, got a confirmation email, but my account was never charged and the gift is not showing up on the missionaries fundraising page. What is happening?

If you donated via bank draft (EFT) versus credit card, the process involves a few steps before it is final.

Within a few days, WePay will put in two very small "secret" micro-deposits into you account. Then they will take that same amount back out of your account (perhaps a day or two later).  Then they will send you an email asking you what that "secret" amount was to confirm it was really your account.  It will be something weird and small, - just a few cents.  You will need to check you bank statement online or call your bank to verify these amounts.

What you will need to do is monitor (or double check) your email for a message from WePay. They will let you know when its time for the next step, which will involve you telling them what those amounts and dates were. Once that is complete, they will have verified your account and your donation will be processed.

This is a standard process WePay exercises to help keep your account secure and verify that you really are the account owner.

If you cannot find of do not get the email from WePay asking you to verify the micro-deposit amounts, please contact them at support@wepay.com


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  5. I made a donation using bank draft, got a confirmation email, but my account was never charged and the gift is not showing up on the missionaries fundraising page. What is happening?
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