A donor has mistakingly given to the wrong trip or team member. How can I move or reassign the donation tot he correct trip or team member?

Once an online gift is given, the funds are routed to your organization's WePay account with the original designation. Unfortunately, this cannot be changed and MissionMinder does not have any access to your funds and cannot move funds between your accounts.

There are two options:

1) If the gift was recently given, and you are on good terms with the donor, you can go login to WePay, refund their gift, then ask them to donate again to the corrected trip/team member.

2) Account for the error internally using your own spreadsheets or church accounting software. To help the intended member account look right inside MissionMinder, you can enter a well-noted manual donation to correct his balance to what it should be, but keep in mind this will not actually move any funds between accounts.

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