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Online Fundraising

  1. A donor has mistakingly given to the wrong trip or team member. How can I move or reassign the donation tot he correct trip or team member?

  2. How can I send a thank you note to an anonymous donor?

  3. Is it possible to change our EIN number inside WePay at some future point? (We are in the process of applying for our own EIN# as a 501c3 organization, and currently only have our DBA EIN#).

  4. Is it possible to save the donation information on our site for an unlimited amount of time or does it expire at some point?

  5. Can we disable the group fundraising link or team fundraising pages when no longer using it?

  6. Can we raise funds for the whole group, versus individuals only?

  7. In order for someone to receive online donations do they have to setup a fundraising page, or is there a general donation page?

  8. Does everyone on the team have to have the same fundraising or support goal, or can this bet set individually?

  9. I already set-up my WePay account (name, social security number, and linked my organization's bank account) for one trip. Do I have to do it again for any new trips?

  10. Donors are getting an error when they try to donate. We have wepay set up with our bank and everything has been verified. What might be the issue?

  11. How do I activate online fundraising?

  12. How do I set or change my fundraising or support goal amount?

  13. I am trying to go to WePay to withdraw funds, but nothing is happening.

  14. Why does WePay need my Social Security number?

  15. I received (or entered) some gifts, but my support thermometer is still at zero and shows no progress.

  16. Can MissionMinder be used by groups outside the United States?

  17. How do I edit my funding goal (support raising goal)?

  18. Are online funds available for immediate withdrawal?

  19. Can I record check or cash donations? And if so, will a team members funding status be updated or does the "thermometer" only record online gifts?

  20. Are donations tax-deductible?

  21. What happens to funds raised online if I delete or cancel my trip account?

  22. Why have some of my online donations cleared, and other have not?

  23. Who is responsible for issuing a tax-deductible receipt to the donor?

  24. What if a team member has already started raising funds, but decides to not go on the mission trip?

  25. Can two or more people share the same fundraising page? For example, can I raise funds together with my spouse of children using the online fundraising pages?

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