Who is responsible for issuing a tax-deductible receipt to the donor?

The receiving non-profit organization or church is responsible to issue any tax-deductible receipts to donors. This includes both online gifts processed through MissionMinder's online fundraising pages, or manually entered gifts.

Full details regarding donors and donations can be downloaded on the Admin page and used to produce internal receipts.

Because (a) online donations are collected in an online WePay account owned and managed by the receiving organization, (b) because neither MissionMinder or WePay have ownership of the funds at anytime, and (c) because neither MissionMinder or WePay are non-profit organizations, only the receiving organization can issue tax-deductible receipts.

MissionMinder will email each donor a "transaction confirmation" and thank you for each online gift.

Please keep in mind that neither MissionMinder or WePay can guarantee the tax-deductible status of any donation. Whether or not a gift is tax-deductible depends on the organization's non-profit status and internal criteria for tax-deductible gifts. 

Regarding online gifts, typically organizations/churches will issue the donor a tax-receipt for the full gross amount of their gift versus the net amount after fees, - just as they would do for regular credit card donations.


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