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How do I add children to the team that do not have an email address? Can they share their parent's email address or login?

There is a way to do this, but it will take a little bit of extra work.

Our program is set-up using unique email addresses as the User ID, so there is not a way to create a team member account, profile, or add them to the team without an associated unique email address. The system will not let you have two team members with the same email address, and there are not fields to track more than one member's information per User ID (unique email address).

To add children without an email address as regular team members so they can have a profile page and show up on team reports,  

  1. The parent can go to gmail or yahoo (or any other free webmail service) and create a new email addresses corresponding to each child and let you know what those new email addresses are. 
  2. You could create "dummy" email addresses (using gmail or yahoo, etc.) on their behalf so you can add them as team members. 
  3. Keep in mind that Google also allows you to forward an email address to another email address. This could be helpful if you're bringing children on a trip. You can set up an email for your child and have it forward to a parent's email. 
The child does not have to know or ever check their email account, or ever login to MissionMinder to be listed as a team member. You would just need to go to the "My Team" page and add each child using their name and this new email address. After you add them, you or an Assistant can manually update their profile pages.

Option 1 is what families normally do, as it allows the parent to login to each child's MissionMinder account and update their profile page, instead of you having to do that.

If you don't need to track anything except their name and the fact that they are on the team, then you would not even have to update their profile pages.

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